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  B-Coder Professional v4.0 by TSRh
B-Jigsaw (32Bit) v4.1 by DBC
B-Jigsaw v7.5 by LasH
B-Jigsaw v7.5 by Desperate
B2 Spice A-D 2000
B2 Spice A/D Pro v4.2.8 by BEAN
B2 Spice AD Professional v5.2.3 by EQUiNOX
B2 Spice AD v4.2.2 Professional by EPSiLON
B2 Spice A_D 2000 by ViKiNG
Baas Electronics Layo1 PCB Design Pro v10.0 by f4cg
Babarosa Gif Animator v3.6 by ECLiPSE
Babel Deluxe v1.0 German by TNT
Babel Deluxe v1.0.1 by f4cg
BabelColor BabelColor v3.x by TPoDT
Baby Type2.0 by DBC
Babylon 2008 MacOSX by Z.W.T
Babylon Pro 5
Babylon Pro R7 v5.0.1 by TSRh
Babylon Pro v3.1 by ECLiPSE
Babylon Pro v5.0.0 r78 by TSRh
Babylon Pro v5.0.1 (r7) by TSRh
Babylon Pro v5.0.1 r7 Fixed by TSRh
Babylon Translator 20.14
Babylon translator ALL VERSIONS by DANINET
Babylon Translator v3.1.36 by ECLiPSE
Babylon v10 by Mr_Alex_Mercer
Babylon v6.0.1 r36 ENG FR ENG Oxford Dictionary by rG
Babylon v7.0.3 r24 with Five Premier Dictionaries by Z.W.T
Babylon v9
Babylon-Pro v3.2.58 by ECLiPSE
Back2Life v1.0 by TSRh
Back2Life v2.2.2225 by dT
Backer v6.5 by TMG
Backer v6.6a by TMG
Backgammon Classic v3.2 by FFF
Background Remover v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop by SSG
BackRex Expert Backup v2.8 by Lz0
BackRex Expert Backup v2.8.147 by Lz0
BackRex Outlook Backup v2.1 by ROR
BackRex Software Outlook Backup v2.8.140 by Lz0
Backslash Complete Time Tracking v2.54 by ROGUE
Backspin Billiards Deluxe v1.01 by TSRh
BackStreet Browser v2.8 by TSRh
BackTrack v5.2.0 MacOSX by CORE
Backup Assistant v2.24 by ViRiLiTY
Backup Exec v9.0.4202 by RECOiL
Backup Made Simple v5.1.68 by FFF
Backup Magic v1.6.5 by FFF
Backup Plus v7.1.1 by Dee
Backup Sims Customizations v1.0.0.10 by AGGRESSiON
Backup Stronghold v1.0.0.15 by AGGRESSiON
Backup4all Professional v4.4.218 by DOA
BackupAssist v2.3.244 by EMBRACE
BackupSQL Studio v1.0.4.0 by cRUDE
Bad company 2
Bad Copy Pro v3.63 build 0219
Badaboom Media Converter v1.1.0.132 by REVENGE
BadCopy Pro v4.10 Build 1215
BadCopy Pro v4.10.1215 by ECLiPSE
Badeghelp ThunderPopper by SnD
Badge Designer v4.0 build v1.01 by TSRh
Bagusoft Password Safe v2.1 Bilingual by LUCiD
Baikal Wordpad v3.8 by LasH
BakBone NetVault Enterprise Edition v7.4 by oDDiTy
Baker Hughes Centrilift AutographPC v6.4 by PARADOX
Ball 7 Deluxe v1.0 by ECLiPSE
Balls Millenium v1.2.0 by TMG
Balsamiq Mockups v1.8.8
Balsamiq Mockups v2.0.14 MacOSX by EMBRACE
Balsamiq Mockups v2.0.19 by EMBRACE
Balsamiq Mockups v2.1.12 for Confluence by Lz0
Balsamiq Mockups v2.1.12 for JIRA by Lz0
Balsamiq Mockups v2.1.13 by Lz0
Balsamiq Mockups v2.1.13 MacOSX by Lz0
Balsamiq Mockups v3.3.12 by AMPED
Baltik v3.5.02 by dT
Banana Buchhaltung Accounting v5.0.5 by Cygnus
Band in a box
Bandicam v1.6.1 by TE
Bandicam v3.0.1.1003 by MAZE
Bandwidth Meter Pro v2.6.629 by TE
Bandwidth Monitor v3.4.749 by TE
Bandwidth Monitor v3.4.757 by TE
Bar Cut Optimizer Manager v1.21 by diGERATi
Barcode CheckUp v1.1 for Adobe Illustrator CS2 by SCOTCH
BarCode Descriptor v1.11 Build 4 by PGC
BarCode Descriptor v1.2 by TSRh
BarCode Descriptor v1.2 Build 5 by TSRh
BarCode Descriptor v1.3.0 by UnderPl
Barcode Generator & Overprinter by REiS
Barcode Generator and Overprinter v6.6.8 by p-HeLL
Barcode Producer v6.4.4 incl plugins OSX by FFF
BarCodeWiz Barcode ActiveX v1.66 by TBE
BarCodeWiz Barcode ActiveX v2.3 by TBE
BarcodeX control for Win32 v4.0 by NoTRoN
BarcodeX v5.3.0.80 by DEVOTiON
Barnyard Drag n Drop Comic Book Creator v1.2.15 by EMBRACE
Barracudaware Yosemite Server Backup v8.9 by Cygnus
Bartels Media MaxiVista Mirror Pro Edition v2.0.14 by Z.W.T
BarTender v5.42
Bartender v7.1 by LND
Bascom 8051 v2.0.11.0 by PIOTRZB
BASCOM AVR compiler v1.11.7.4 by PiotrZB
Baseball Playbook v0.9 by TBE
BaseHead SFX Database v2.5.75 by UNiON
Basic Inventory Control v5.0.124 by ACME
BasiCColor Display v4.0.2 by AGGRESSiON
BasICColor dropRGB v1.0 by TBE
BasiCColor SpaceLab v1.0 by AGGRESSiON
BASIS BBj Barista Enterprise v9.0 by RECOiL
BASIS Visual PRO5 v6.20 by RECOiL
Basketball Playbook v0.8 by CAFE
Basketball Playbook v0.80 by TBE
Basketball Playbook v009 by TBE
Basketball Scoreboard Deluxe v1.0.0 by ORiON
Basketball Scoreboard Deluxe v1.0.1 by TBE
Basketball Scoreboard Deluxe v1.0.1 by ORiON
Basketball ScoreBoard v2.1.14 by ECLiPSE
Basketball ScoreBoard v2.1.15 by UCF
Basketball ScoreBoard v2.1.18 by ECLiPSE
Basketball ScoreBoard v2.1.19 by UCF
Basketball Scoreboard v2.1.20 by ONE
Basketball v v1.1.0 j2me by TSRh
Basta Computing Buzof v3.0.20302.0 by NoPE
Basta Computing Buzof v4.0 by DJiNN
Basta Computing Filo v4.2.41123 by CzW
Basta Computing Horas v6.1 by CzW
Basta Computing Horas v6.1 by p-HeLL
Basta Computing ZMover v7.1.40603 by CzW
Basta Computing ZMover v7.3 by CzW
Batch And Print Pro v1.32a by ACME
Batch Barcode Maker v3.60 by AT4RE
Batch Image Resizer v2.88 by AGGRESSiON
Batch Photo Factory v2.07 by YAG
Batch Photo WaterMark v1.0 by AGGRESSiON
Batch Photo WaterMark by FFF
Batch Text And Html Editor v2.0 by MAZE
Batch Watermark Creator v6.3 by REVENGE
BatchInpaint v1.0 by CORE
BatchInpaint v1.1 by CORE
BatchPhoto Pro v3.0.0 by MAZE
BatchPhoto v1.0 by FFF
BatchPhoto v4.0 by FFF
Batchwork Batch DOC TO CHM Generator v2010.2.506.1077 by Lz0
Batchwork Batch Excel to PDF Converter v2009.1.1113.1084 by CzW
Batchwork Batch XLS and XLSX Converter v2009.1.1120.1184 by CzW
Batchwork DOCX and DOC Converter v2009.1.1120.1346 by CzW
Batchwork Windows Snapshot Grabber v2010.2.506.1680 by Lz0
Batronix Prog Studio v5.xx-6.xx by hubshai
Batronix Prog-Studio v5.34 by TSRh
Battery Doubler v1.1.2 by RP
Battery Doubler v1.2 - Build 250 by RP
Battery Doubler v1.2.1 by NeMeSiS_ByTe
Battle Of Tiles v1.08 by OUTLAWS
Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf by CLASS
Battle Snake v2.0 by TSRh
Battlefield 1942 by NiK
BattleField 1942 by FFF
Battlefield 1942 by TNH
Battlefield 1942 No-CD by Tr3x
Battlefield 1942 secret weapons of wwii by REVENGE
Battlefield 1942 Secrets Weapon of WWII by FFF
Battlefield 1942 v1.6 No FOG by Cycopath
Battlefield 1942(tm) v1.0 fix by RP
Battlefield 2 by FFF
Battlefield 2 by HAANDI
Battlefield 2 Original
Battlefield 2142 by FFF
Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Reloaded
Battlefield v3.0
Battlefield Vietnam by FFF
Battlefield Vietnam by RAZOR
BattleField: Vietnam NoCD by TECHNIC
BattleMan v1.0 by DBH
Battlenet Enabler for Diablo2 by TNT
Battleship Fleet Command v1.0 by ECLiPSE
Battlestrike: The Road To Berlin Fix by BLeH
Battlestrike: The Road To Berlin RIP by TNT
Bauhaus Mirage Studio v1.5a by AGFX
Bauskript Software Professional v2011.10 German by DOA
Baxbex Folder Shield v1.4.2.0 by Z.W.T
BayesiaLab v3.3 by diGERATi
BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro Edition v3.1.7.0 by HERiTAGE
BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro v3.3.6.0 by TE
BayOrganizer v3.28 German by DEVOTiON
BayWatcher Pro v4.25 German by CORE
BayWotch v2.5.113 by ACME
BB FlashBack Pro v2.6.9.1360 by CORE
Bbulider v2.0.6 For Artlantis R by ENGiNE
BC Lab SAPEQ Spectrum Analyzer Parametric Equalizer VST v1.0 by AiR
BC-Wedge v1.02 by EViDENCE
BCL AllPDF Converter v2.01 by SCOTCH
BD Gest v5.2.2 by FFF
BDBear Blu-ray Copy v1.2.0.8 by LAXiTY
BDV DataHider v0.5 by SCF
Beach Head 2002 v1.0 by DELiGHT
BeamPROP v5.1.8.6 vs Fullwave v3.0.8.6 by iNFECTED
Beast Software Hide My Disk Standard Edition v1.5.3 by WaLMaRT
Beasts and Bumpkins by PC
Beat Ball 2 v1.2.0 by OUTLAWS
Beat Ball 2 v1.2.1 by cRUDE
BeatBurner v1.1 by ECLiPSE
beaTunes v4.x.x by CAUSTiC
Beauty Guide v2.2.1 by FFF
BeboSoft Forms To Go v2.6.11 by POPUP
Bechmann AVA Script v3.7.1 German by EQUiNOX
Becky Internet Mail v2.11.02 by ROR
Becky Internet Mail v2.70.00 by Lz0
BeDesk Facturation v1.2 French by RSS
Bee Icons v4.0 by ROCK
Bee Icons v4.0 fixed by FFF
Bee Icons v4.0.2 by SnD
Beecubu SafariCacheExplorer v1.2.2 MacOSX by CORE
BeeDocs Timeline 3D v3.0.26 MacOSX by CORE
BeeLine v1.4 by LUCiD
Beepa Fraps v3.2.2 by FOSI
Beetle Ju v1.5 by TSRh
Beetle Junior v1.8 by DELiGHT
BEFSX41 Link Logger v1.6.3.8 by EPSiLON
Beginner Softwares Delphi Tools v1.02 by FFF
Behringer dsp1000 editor v1.0 by ECLiPSE
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe by FFF
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe v1.0 by REVENGE
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe v1.0 from GameHouse by Nacho
Bejeweled Deluxe v1.8.6.2 by PiZZA
Bejeweled v1.23 by LasH
Bejeweled v1.31 by SaroTh
Bejeweled v1.31
Bejewelled 2 Deluxe from Shockwave
BeLight Business Card Composer v5.0.4 MacOSX by CORE
BeLight Disc Cover v2.3.3 MacOSX by CORE
BeLight Live Interior 3D Pro v2.6.6 MacOSX by CORE
BeLight Live Interior 3D Pro v2.7.2 MacOSX by CORE
BellCommander v3.00 by DEVOTiON
Belltech Business Card Designer Pro v4.00 by f4cg
Belltech Business Card Designer Pro v5 x by AT4RE
Belltech Business Card Designer Pro v5.2.3 by DJiNN
Belltech Business Card Designer v2.0 by EMBRACE
Belltech Business Cards Designer Pro v2.0 by HS
Belltech CaptureXT Screen Capture v3.0 fix by NoPE
Belltech Label Maker Pro v3.0 by NeoX
Belltech Small Business Publisher v5.1.1 by DJiNN
BellWiz v1.10 by AGAiN
Bennet-Tec TList Pro ActiveX v7.0.22 by DSi
Bennet-Tec TList Pro ActiveX v7.0.51 by DSi
Benthic Software BenthicSQALL v2.1.34 by Lz0
Benthic Software Golden 6 v6.0.642 by Lz0
Benthic Software PLEdit v6.0.605 by Lz0

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